How to use pico

Pico is an application used to edit files. It's a text editor, something like Notepad. To activate "pico" simply type "pico" at the prompt. You can optionally include a filename to open.

lager 8:08pm {0}[~] pico filename

Once inside use the arrow keys to navigate. To save a file hit control "x" followed by "y"(to accept the changes).

To learn more about pico hit control "G". This will bring you to a help menu. You can also learn how to use pico by looking at the bottom of the page. There are control characters that look something like this:

^G Get Help ^O WriteOut ^R Read File ^W Where is

What this means it if you hit control "^" followed by the letter it will perform the task. For example "control R" will read the contents of a file etc.