CUESEF is the Carleton Undergraduate Engineering Students' Equipment Fund, an endowment managed by an elected board of students and faculty, allocates funds to improve lab equipment, help student initiatives, and other academically viable projects.
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CSES is the Carleton Student Engineering Society, which plans prep. week, the iron ring ceremony, graduation night, and a whole slew of academic, athletic, external, technical, social, publications, and other stuff. The CSES initially started the EngSoc Project, and is still our umbrella organization.

Corel has always been a strong supporter of EngSoc. During development of their Netwinder platform they donated 16 Netwinders to update the PAL lab. More recently they donated a variety of useful equipment from printers to monitors and machines.
ODEng is the Office of the Dean of Engineering, the people who run the Faculty of Engineering and Design. Many of the people from ODEng have been instrumental in the growth of the EngSoc Project.

EngSoc wouldn't exist without its volunteers. Nobody has been paid a dime to run the system over the years, yet some of those volunteers -- and others associated with the project -- have donated more than their time.

CSES donated the first machine back in 1995 and it was called auk. The machine was a 486 running at 66MHz and it established EngSoc as a CSES service. The Carleton University Library donated a Pyramid MIS/4 in 1996. This was the first donation of equipment from outside the Faculty. The Library had just upgraded to the Pyramid Nile system. Unfortunately, the old Pyramid system is no longer around. CREL Technology, now defunct, offered EngSoc discounts on new PC hardware ca. 1996.

ODEng (which means our former Dean, Dr. Malcolm Bibby) arranged for our office in 3338ME and for the special electrical needs of the Pyramid system. Dr. Bibby also donated hardware and money out of his own pocket.

The following people donated money or valuable hardware: Dr. M. Bibby, Charlie Younghusband, James Carriere, James Chow, Alex deVries, Mark Dittberner, Robert Hardy, Sean Hay, Vernon Neilsen, Mike Shaver, Joe Skaff, Paul Faure, Matt McParland, and Mo Quinn.