Web Space for Societies

The EngSoc project offers a variety of services to help your club or society establish its web presence.

The web is not just a one-way medium. Not only can the members of your club or society receive information, they can contribute to discussions, vote on decisions, or update events calendars.

What we offer

For your club or society we offer the following;
  • Virtually unlimited disk space
  • Group access for members to author and maintain site.
  • Your own personalised URL (i.e. www.ieee.carleton.ca)
  • Access to create CGI scripts and an SQL database (MySQL)
  • PHP and with IMAP, LDAP, MySQL modules.
  • Custom e-mail aliases or full IMAP mailboxes.
We want to help your society, so if there is anything that you'd like to include on your page that is extra-funky, cheap, and relatively possible, please feel free to discuss it with us.

Engineering Related Clubs

Since we are a CSES-sponsored organization, we make these services available to ANY engineering related club or society. If you are interested in setting up your web site, please send email to ett(at)engsoc.org outlining what your society does, and what services you'd like to setup. We know about most of the societies anyways, so a short e-mail will do.

Other Clubs and Societies

We make this service available to non-engineering societies, at a small charge. Depending on load, size, and technical content prices will range from $0 - $200. Most recent requests have been free. Again, e-mail ett(at)engsoc.org for more details.

Some Clubs and Societies We Currently Host