Included with Every Account:

  • An e-mail address, accessible via SSL IMAP, SSL POP3, Webmail, or at the console using Pine, ELM, or Mutt
  • Web space, the ability to use your own domain name and access to create CGI or PHP scripts.
  • Access to MySQL databases. This is on a request basis, so e-mail ett@engsoc.org to have a database created for you.
  • Access to compilers and interpreters (gcc, perl, python, tcl/tk, ruby, etc.) as well as a Matlab clone called octave.
  • A full UNIX shell using your choice of bash, tcsh, ash, zsh, or csh.
  • The ability to create easily managed mailing lists.
  • Access to USENET using tin from the console. If you use Netscape News or Outlook to access newsgroups, you can authenticate with Carleton news server using your EngSoc account name and password. There is no need for a Connect account to access USENET.
  • Access to IRC using ircii or BitchX.
  • Access to ICQ using micq,centericq or licq.
  • Classic games such as nethack, slashem and adom.
  • Primary and Secondary DNS hosting for your domain.
  • A 256MB soft quota and 512MB hard quota. This means that you are allowed 256MB of data before you receive a warning via e-mail. If you ever hit 512MB of data you will not be able to store any more data and will have problems accessing e-mail and newsgroups. We do not recommend going above the soft limit. If you need more space, for your fourth year project or other valid reason, contact ett@engsoc.org and we will give it to you.

See something missing? If there is something you'd like that is not included in the above list, we will more than likely accomodate you. However, there are a few things we will not allow. No IRC bouncers, eggdrop or other IRC bots are allowed (screened IRC clients are just fine). We monitior our shell servers for processes like that.

In most cases we will accomodate you, just let us know what you are doing.

We encourage you to use EngSoc to compile your UNIX applications and run them. Our accounts are meant to be used interactively. If you are developing or would like to run some sort of daemon, all we ask is that you let us know you will be taking up some CPU time and memory. We have plenty of both.


Our services are available to any student enrolled in a full-time program in the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University. This includes students who are involved with the Industrial Experience Program, and returning Graduate Students in a masters or doctorate degree program. To obtain an account, you must:
  • Be enrolled in a full-time program in, or be a member of the staff or faculty of, the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University
  • Fill out and sign a current user agreement form

Completed user agreements can be mailed to The EngSoc Project (mailing information), slipped under the door of room 3338ME or hand-delivered to a BOG member. All completed forms must be signed, and users are encouraged to carefully read the useragreement.

NOTE: For faculty applications please substitute an employee number for the student number and make a note on the form.

Public Access Lab

The EngSoc Public Access Lab has been an incredibly successful student venture to provide a publicly-available computing lab. Located in the lobby of The Minto Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering, the PAL was completely designed and built by students, over the summer of 1996.

In 1998 the PAL lab was refurbished with all new computers. The upgrade saw the cooperation of Nexus, CUESEF, EngSoc, Corel Corporation, and many other students. 12 Netwinders were donated by Corel to be available for public use. See the back wall of the lab, at the time, complete with the wonderful sign. How about some other pictures of the grand opening? 3 4 5

In the summer of 2000, PAL was flooded when contractors repairing Minto didn't secure a tarp over the exposed roof. The NetWinders were replaced with NICs from www.thinknic.com (now defunct) which currently run a modern Linux desktop and browser.

Web Hosting

We provide free web hosting to all Engineering student groups, and some non-Engineering ones as well. E-mail webmaster@engsoc.org for more information. We will even colocate your webserver in our rack subject to certain restrictions. Check this page for more details. E-mail ett with questions.

Mailing Lists

We will host mailing lists at your domain or one of our domains. We run Mailman and it has worked well for the few dozen lists we run.