Old Hardware Configuration


Below is a picture of Bitter, which was the Pyramid system donated from the library. To Bitter's right is a picture of Brewmaster as it was before being replaced in 1999 (and again in 2002).

bitter brewmaster

Network Configuration

This was recorded in 1995. We were wired, basically, as follows:

                             I  tp
                        I Firewall I
                             I  tp
                 I .69.21    I    .69.22 I
                 I           I           I
           ---------------   I   --------------
           I Brewmaster  I   I   I    Ale     I 
           ---------------   I   --------------
         I .69.23 /----------I
         I        I .69.24   I
----------  --------------   I
I Bitter .... Bitter-alt I   I
----------  --------------   I
                 I .69.25         .69.26 I
                 I                       I
           -------------            ------------
           I  Hops     I            I  Lager   I
           -------------            ------------

(Artwork (c) 1995 Alex deVries)

Our addressing

In conjunction with Aurora, the EngSoc project managed the 134.117.69 Class C. Additionally, brewmaster.engsoc.carleton.ca ran the DNS for the engsoc.carleton.ca domain. Aurora acted as our secondary DNS, and we acted as their secondary DNS for aurora.carleton.ca, and some of their commercial domains.


router.engsoc.carleton.ca, (Firewall)
  • 386-33MHz
  • 8MB RAM (DIP format)
  • 40MB IDE drive
  • two SMC Ultra Ethernet cards
  • Operating system: DOS, running Drawbridge
  • Status: under construction
  • Role: IP traffic router
  • Source: This is owned in conjunction with Aurora; this machine was donated by the Office of the Dean of Engineering
  • This machine is on loan from the CSES
  • 486-66MHz
  • 16MB RAM
  • SMC Elite 16 bit ethernet
  • 420MB IDE harddrive
  • 170MB Maxtor IDE harddrive
  • Operating system: Linux 1.2.13
  • Status: Operational
  • Role: This machine is acting as a World Wide Web server and a DNS server. Brewmaster is not available for public logins.
  • Source: the machine itself is on loan until at least April 1, 1996 from the CSES; the SCSI controller and hard disk are on loan from an Engsoc volunteer


  • 486 motherboard, with VESA
  • 486-66MHz
  • 16MB RAM
  • SMC 16 bit ethernet
  • 120MB IDE harddrive
  • Operating system: Linux 1.2.13
  • Status: Operational
  • Role: This machine is available for public use. It mounts all of its files via NFS to Lager.
  • Source: the motherboard was bought with personal donations from Engsoc users; the memory is a donation from the Office of the Dean of Engineering; the hard disk is on loan from the CSES; the CPU is on loan from an Engsoc volunteer
  • This machine can handle approximately twelve simultaneous users.


  • Pyramid MIS/4
  • three custom RISC processors
  • 128MB RAM
  • six 1.67GB SMD Hard disks
  • This machine has two IP connections.
  • Operating system: Pyramid OSx
  • Status: installed, not yet operational
  • Role: This machine will act as our NFS server to lager because of its large storage capacity. It will also handle incoming mail.
  • Source: this machine was donated in conjunction with Pyramid Systems, and the Carleton University Library.


  • This is bitter's second connection.


  • 486-33MHz
  • 8MB
  • SMC 16 bit Ethernet
  • Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller
  • 500MB SCSI harddrive
  • 180MB SCSI harddrive
  • 80MB IDE harddrive
  • Operating System: Linux 1.2.13
  • Status: offline; up on the shelf
  • Role: This machine is for experimentation and occasionally available for public use.
  • Source: the motherboard and memory was given by the CSES (it was once the motherboard of the TAZ Novell NetWare server); the 1/2 GB was origninally from a system that the Library gave to us, a Convergent, the 180MB SCSI and the 80MB IDE is on loan from an EngSoc volunteer
  • This machine can handle approximately five simultaneous users.


  • This machine donated by CUESEF
  • Pentium 90MHz
  • 48MB RAM
  • SMC PCI Ethernet
  • Three Quantum Fireball 1.0GB harddrives (One EIDE, Two SCSI)
  • NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI controller
  • Operating system: Linux 1.3.30
  • Status: Operational
  • Role: Available for public use. This machine acts as an NFS server to the other EngSoc machines. All of the home directories and some other directories reside on this machine.
  • Source: Financing is yet to be finalized.
  • This machine can handle approximately thirty five simultaneous users.