Outlook Configuration

Follow these screenshots to learn how connect to your EngSoc pine and WebMail mail boxes securly using Microsoft Outlook/OutlookExpress.

NOTE: Do NOT set your "Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:" to mail.engsoc.org, it needs to be set to your IPSs mail server.
Your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server should be set to your ISP's SMTP server. For example:

  •  @ HOME, set it to "mail"
  • Cyberus, set it to "mail.cyberus.ca"
  • Magma, set it to "mail.magma.ca"
  • If you dial into Carleton, you can use "mail.engsoc.org"
Note that these servers have not been tested... I am just guessing at what they could be... Contact your ISP for the exact server name.