Logging In


There are various ways to login to engsoc if you are using Windows.

Shell - This is the prefered way for most. Somewhat daunting to start, but trust us, it's far more useful. Check our FAQ for more information of getting started. The most popular shell client is Putty. More information on using Putty here.
Download Putty.

Mail - If all you want to do if simply check your email. Using Netscape or Outlook will suit your needs. Configuration infomation is avaliable for both Netscape and Outlook as to how to set them up. Please note that the instructions may be different based on your version. If you need help, please feel free to contact us.

File Transfer - To transfer files between your computer and your Engsoc account. WinSCP is an excellent program that will allow you to do this.
Download WinSCP version 3.


Shell - Using SSH to login to engsoc.org. This is avaliable on most districbutions. Type "ssh" to see if you have it. If you do, simply type: "username@engsoc.org" to login. You will need 128-bit encryption to use this.

Mail - If you prefer a graphical interface, try Evolution or Mozilla Mail. Otherwise try Pine or Mutt.

File Transfer - Using SCP. If you install SSH, SCP will install by default. To learn more, type "man scp" in your console. You will need 128-bit encryption to use this.

Web Based

Shell - Use the Java login located here.

Mail - Use our web based email program here.

File Transfer - Use the web based file transfer program here.