How to use pine

Pine is an application used for mail. Pine allows you to send and recieve messages via email. To activate "pine" simply type "pine" at the prompt.
lager 8:08pm {0}[~] pine

After Activating the application you will be given a menu with some options available.

Address Book

One useful option is the "Address book" option. This option allows you give nick names to addresses so that you don't have to type in long addresses instead you can just type in the nick name.

Here is an Example

1. At the first menu hit "A" for address book. You will see a screen with the words "Address Book" in the border and since you probably haven't used pine yet the word empty will be near the top of the page.

2. Hit "a" again to add a name. You will see a form similar to the one below this paragraph. Use tab to jump from space to space(or the arrow keys) and fill in the blanks.
Here is an example

NickName : don
FullName : Donald Duck
Fcc :
Comment :
Addresses: donald@engsoc.carleton.ca

Now you have created a nick name. If you were to compose a message you(in this example) could type "Don" at the "To:" prompt and the address would be automatically inserted for you.

Note of interest: There is no need to make nick names for your friends on engsoc. Simply type in their username at the prompt and the dirty work will be done for you.

Folder Index

Folder index is your inbox. This is where mail goes when it is sent to you.

If you hit "I" you will be put into your folder index. To select a message to read hit enter when the message is highlighted.

To navigate use the arrow keys(to move up or down) and tab to get to new messages.

To save a message hit "s" then type in the name of the folder you want it to be saved to. If you hit enter the message will be saved in the default saved_messages directory. If you pick another name you will be prompted to create the directory. After you have created this directory you will be able to save future messages into that directory(for example if you had a friend named Will you could make a Will directory and save your messages from him in that directory).

To forward a message to someone hit "f" then type in the person's address.

To delete a message select the message and hit "d" to undelete hit "u".

Folder List

Selecting "L" at the menu will allow you to select directories to view. Use Tab to navigate and enter to select. Hitting "D" will delete a directory.


This is just the setup(duh) of pine. Using this option you can configure pine to change your setups.

Compose Message

At the menu hit "C" and you will be taken to a compose message page. In the "To" space type in the address which you want to send to. If you have a nick named address simply type in the nick name.

In the "Cc:" space simply type in any other addresses you would like to send the message to.

In the "Attchment:" space type in a file attachment that is in your home directory.

In the "Subject:" space type in the subject of you email.
Compose your message and hit "control x" to send it.

Advanced Features (Little Shortcuts)

Here is a fast way to send someone a message right from the prompt.
lager 8:04 {0} [~] pine donald@engsoc.carleton.ca

Here is a fast way to go straight to your inbox
lager 8:04 {0} [~] pine -i

Here is a fast way to go straight to a folder
lager 8:04 {0} [~]pine -f FOLDER_NAME