Applications & Commands

'Applications' are programs which are more involved than simple commands. These programs usually perform one dedicated task, such as allowing you to read/write email, or browse the WWW.

lynx -- browse the www (text)
pico -- text editor (simple word processor)
pine -- read/write email
tin -- read/post to newsgroups
ytalk - talk with other users

'Commands' are sometimes features of your shell and sometimes just simple programs that give you a simple output.

finger -- check who's on and their info
which -- returns the path of a command
more/less -- used to display info one page at a time
whereis -- returns binary, source, and manual pages of a command
passwd -- used to change your password
clear -- clears screen
finger -- shows who is currently logged on
who -- shows usernames of who is logged on
w -- displays usernames and processes running
whoami -- displays your username
cd -- changes your current directory
chmod -- changes file or directory permissions
write -- writes a message to another user
rm -- removes a file
kill & ps -- example and explanation
ls -- lists files in the directory
ll -- lists files (long format) in a directory
mesg n -- messages off
mesg y -- messages on
date -- outputs present date
mkdir -- makes a directory
mv -- move and rename
rmdir -- removes a directory
cat -- allows you to view contents of a file
cp -- used to copy files