SSH from Labs

Logging into EngSoc From the Labs

  1. Start-up Netscape to the EngSoc website: http://www.engsoc.org
  2. Click the circled link to download putty.exe using the HTTP protocol.
  3. Save the program to the Desktop

  4. Run the new application Putty
  5. Enter engsoc.org in the Host Name field.
  6. Select SSH for your Protocol.
  7. Click Open and no one will be able to steal your passwords!

    If you'd rather just click on an icon, then ask the person who runs your lab to install PuTTY. It's free for everyone, so isn't this whole routine sort of silly? EngSoc has asked the administrators of all the engineering labs to install PuTTY. Some have, some haven't. meh...