4. Connecting to EngSoc

4.1. Where can I connect from?

From any computer lab on campus or from home. The university's modem pool is at 520-1000 (1 hour connect limit) or 520-4411 (10 minute connect limit) and you can telnet from there. But, you probably already have Internet access, in which case you'd use SSH to connect.

You can also connect from the EngSoc PAL lab in the Minto foyer.

4.2. How do I connect to EngSoc from the outside

Just fire up your SSH client or click the "Login" link on this web page.

There is more information about PuTTY, an SSH client for Windows, right here.

To transfer files to or from your EngSoc account, you need to use SCP. WinSCP is an easy to use SCP program for Windows.

4.3. What is SSH, and why is it better than telnet?

It is technically possible for crackers to intercept personal information (such as passwords, e-mail, etc.) about a person logged in through telnet because telnet transfers everything over the internet as plain text. SSH is a more secure form of telnet which encrypts transmissions so that only you and your shell server can read them.