1. About this FAQ

1.1. Where can I find an updated version of this FAQ?

The most recent version of this FAQ is available in HTML at http://www.engsoc.org/doctree/faq on the WWW.

1.2. Who maintains this FAQ?

The current FAQ-MAN (Sean even promised me a cape!) is Matt McParland. The FAQ was originally started by Alex deVries.

Contributing Authors include:

  • Ken Aranda <ken@engsoc>
  • Alex deVries <adevries@engsoc>
  • Dave Kennedy <dkennedy@engsoc>
  • Joshua Lamorie <jlamorie@ingenia.com>
  • Michelle McGarrity <mmcgarri@engsoc>
  • Erdem Onder <erdem@engsoc>
  • Rob Russell <colonel@engsoc>

1.3. How do I add another entry to this FAQ?

By saying please. It's that easy. You can say please best in the form of a post to carleton.engsoc.d or carleton.engsoc.help. Question/answer packages can also be mailed to ett@engsoc.

1.4. Where do I go for more help?

There are a few ways.

You can e-mail help@engsoc.org if your answer isn't covered in the FAQ.

Posting to carleton.engsoc.help will give you decent results.

If it's a real emergency, you can go to room 5324ME and offer them in sacrifice. They are also available by phone at (613) 520-2600 ext. 1227.

1.5. What is a FAQ and why am I reading it?

A "Frequently Asked Questions" is a list of questions that are most the most frequently asked and that are becoming so repetitive that answers are no longer as comprehensive as when the question was first asked. In order to reduce the number of "How do I change my password" questions, it is asked and answered here, in the hopes of reducing network traffic (and people in the office) and providing newbies with an embarrasment-free way of learning. (Though you shouldn't be embarrassed to ask.)