0. How do I volunteer

The short answer is to just e-mail volunteer@engsoc.org while the long answer is below.

This section goes at the very beginning because it is the most important. EngSoc is a very valuable learning experience for the volunteers that choose to help out and we want to invite everyone to participate. While all your work won't show up on your transcript (though you might get a stamp in your CSES passbook), it will definitely help you upon graduation. You know, with getting a job and stuff.

But you probably already know this and want to volunteer, right? You might be wondering what's available to do? Well, at the beginning of the year there are usually volunteers busy adding the (hopefully) hundreds of new accounts that get created with an incoming load of frosh. Accounts management is a sometimes tedious thing that is has to be done throughout the year. It's hard to imagine, but (many) people do actually forget their passwords on a regular basis.

Along with providing e-mail, web space and all that good stuff, EngSoc maintains a public access lab (PAL) in the Minto Foyer and that requires a few volunteers every year. You've probably seen PAL once or twice on your way to a lecture in 2000MC. People love to rip mice and keyboards out of the walls and break monitors and chairs. Also, we try to be nice and keep the software on the machines up-to-date and looking pretty.

More experienced volunteers write project/funding proposals for future improvements or neat, new features. In the past, EngSoc has rarely had a budget and when we did it was small. If by the time you read this, EngSoc is swimming in money then the job of writing funding proposals may not exist anymore. Here's hoping. :)

Probably the most experienced volunteers of all get to run the main machines and keep them in tip-top operating condition. This means all the glamour of a 2am page alerting you to a server failure can be yours at last. Get ready for the working world!