The EngSoc FAQ

0. How do I volunteer?

1. About this FAQ
1.1. Where can I find an updated version of this FAQ?
1.2. Who maintains this FAQ?
1.3. How do I add another entry to this FAQ?
1.4. Where do I go for more help?
1.5. What is a FAQ and why am I reading it?

2. Organizational
2.1. What is EngSoc?
2.2. Who runs EngSoc?
2.3. What is the history of EngSoc?
2.4. Who pays for EngSoc?
2.5. What does EngSoc have that other services at Carleton don't?
2.6. How do I get involved?
2.7. Does EngSoc offer virtual web hosting?

3. Account Information
3.1. How do I get an account?
3.2. Who is entitled to an account?
3.3. What are the restrictions on my account?
3.4. How do I change my password?
3.5. How secure is my account?
3.6. Is it possible to change my account name?

4. Connecting to EngSoc
4.1. Where can I connect from?
4.2. How do I connect to EngSoc from the outside?
4.3. What is SSH, and why is it better than telnet?

5. Support of the shell
5.1. What is a shell?
5.2. What does that 'Ding' thing mean?
5.3. What are some of the commands I can use to navigate?
5.4. How do I see who's online?
5.5. How can I write a batch file, or set up an "autoexec.bat" for my account?
5.6. How do I add a directory to my path so I can execute the files in it?

6. Setting up PPP and other network issues
6.1. What is PPP? What is SLIP?
6.2. How do I run SLIP?
6.3. How do I run PPP?
6.4. How do I run Netscape?
6.5. What should my server settings be set to for various applications?
6.6. How do I setup SMB? What is SMB?
6.7. Where can I get nifty software for use with EngSoc?

7. WWW Issues
7.1. How to do I setup a WWW page?
7.2. What is a WWW proxy, and how do I use EngSoc's? How about an FTP proxy?
7.3. What is CGI? How do I use it on EngSoc? How do I write CGIs?
7.4. How do I put a counter on my webpage?

8. Mail Issues
8.1. What is my email address?
8.2. How do I forward my mail to another account?
8.3. How do I forward my mail from another account to my EngSoc account?
8.4. How do I use vacation? What is vacation?
8.5. How do I configure my mail reader?
8.6. How do I keep my email secure?
8.7. How do I manage my mail folders?
8.8. How do I stop SPAM?

9. Hardware Configuration

10. Residence Ethernet
10.0 General Questions
10.0.1 Can I connect to EngSoc through Ethernet?
10.0.2 Do I Need a Chat account?
10.0.3 What operating systems are supported?
10.0.4 Where can I get help with the installation?
10.1 What do I Need?
10.1.1 Ethernet Access What does it Cost?
10.1.2 Hardware
10.1.3 Setup and Installation Disks
10.1.4 Accounts
10.1.5 Authentication Software
10.1.6 Internet Browsers, other Internet Applications
10.2 How Do I Hook It Up?
10.2.1 How Do I Enable My Ethernet Port?
10.2.2 How Do I Install the Hardware?
10.2.3 How do I Configure My Operating System? Windows 95
10.2.4 How Do I Set Up My Internet Software? Browsers Mail Clients Newsgroups Telnet and SSH Clients Other Internet Software Why do I need a password for the Internet?