Changing Your Password

By popular request...

If your password is expired, and you've not changed it within the grace period, you'll have to email the EngSoc Technical Team to have it reset to your student number. When in doubt, try both your expired password, or your full student number (including the 100 prefix) as the password.

Using putty (download PuTTY here), or another ssh client, connect to "hops.engsoc.org". You can't use "engsoc.org" or "lager.engsoc.org" to reset your password. Please use "hops.engsoc.org" for changing your password.

Password: [enter your expired password here]

[This will return something like the following...]

You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)
Changing password for [username]
(current) UNIX password: [again enter your expired password]

Enter new UNIX password: [enter a new password]
Retype new UNIX password: [enter it again to make sure you got it right]


[followed by the usual login prompt, you can just type "exit" or "logout"]

And boom, you're done for another 90 days. Easy, wasn't it?