About Us

All About EngSoc

The EngSoc Project is a not-for-profit organization brought about, maintained, and funded by students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University. Our mission is to provide engineering students full shell and Internet access, including an internet e-mail address and a homepage on the World Wide Web while also providing resources for independent learning. Carleton engineering students are some of the best students in Canada, if not the world - and the EngSoc Project was created to help them exist on the Internet and with research or academic interests involving computer systems and networks.

EngSoc is under the political umbrella of the Carleton Student Engineering Society or the Dean's Office, depending on who you talk to. We get the majority of our funding from the CSES though. The Dean's Office lets us use office space in the Mackenzie Building, we get network access and all that, and they're nice enough to pay for things like electrical outlets and give us money for some projects. A good portion of our funding comes from CSES and the good people at CUESEF. You can check out our sponsors page for some other organizations that have given us money. If you'd like to add your organization to that list, drop us an e-mail at ett(at)engsoc.org.

We're basically a collection of Linux machines that provide mail, web, DNS and related services to students and student groups at Carleton University. If you or your group has some need for these kinds of services, drop us a line and we'll do our best to help. We can be reached at ett(at)engsoc.org.